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2023 HolidayFestival 

Cultivating Community starts with us

You're cultivating community! As a member of The Urban Oasis, you understand that a community is more than bricks and mortar. A community is made up of lives, dreams, talents, passions, and hearts! A community is made up of people! 

So, let's continue to make a life for the people of this community, whether you live here, visit here, or join us virtually.

With the great perks that come with being a member of The Urban Oasis, you're sure to be encouraged to live a healthy, educated, and productive life. Your monthly contribution helps to ensure that we can keep programming for The Urban Oasis running all year long! Click on the links below to find activities that build the block, the mind, the body, and the soul!

See you at The Oasis!

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