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Dungeons & Dragons

Storytime at The Oasis

Ages 14- 17

8-week campaign  |  2 hours per session

Saturdays in May and June

Time: TBD


Defenders of the Last Oasis 

If you travel, west, by caravan, for three weeks, from the metropolis of Kings Castle, the religious and cultural seat of The Old Empire, you will, eventually reach the Westron Hills.

At the western most edge of those hills, there stands a formidable castle (Fort West), which guards The Imperial Road as it winds its way through the hills. Three hundred Light Cavalry, call that desolate redoubt, home. They are the Imperial 7th Horse Guards (The Fort West Regiment) and are charged with keeping the road open. In case of imminent danger, the 7th Horse Guards are your only hope for a hundred miles in any direction.

If you hold your life cheaply, and ride on, towards the west from the fortress, you will enter the Scorched Lands. This vast expanse of sunbaked sand dunes, punctuated by a rare, fortified homestead is also haunted by numerous ancient ruins.

Soon after leaving the relative security of the Westron Hills, you may find a walled village rising up from the desolation. Near the center of that village, is a cooling pool of water, fed by a subterranean spring. The farmers use the waters to irrigate their crops, the smith to cool her iron works, the brewer, and the distiller use a portion, as well. Travelers find the waters to be restorative, and the local children enjoy a dip beneath its clear waters, on the hottest of days.

To the locals, this place is simply "home."

To the rare traveler that must pass this way, it is The Last Oasis.

Some of the children growing up here, grow restless and choose a path of hardship - the Adventuring Life. Not for the faint of heart, this uncharted course is usually one of exploration, hunting bandits, and protecting the village.

These uncommon individuals, marked by their sky-blue cloaks and golden badges, bearing the Eight-pointed star of Myriad Possibilities, are known as The Defenders

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Meet The Team

The Defenders of the Last Oasis

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