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Cultivating Community starts with us

Rome wasn't built in a day, and The Urban Oasis won't be either. But, we don't despise small beginnings! We know that with each contribution we'll have a good start to not only build the infrastructure of The Urban Oasis, but to also help to provide for the members of our residential community.


Imagine being able to provide paint, plants, gutters, and things that could really help the residents living here! Imagine knowing that your contributions could mean consistent access to educational and cultural programming! Imagine the impact of healthy community green spaces, fresh produce, and environmental care! These are simple things that aren't burdensome. Yet these simple things can transform the quality of life for an entire West Baltimore community.


And that's not all! Your membership to The Urban Oasis provides tons of benefits to you as well! Early access to programs and events, discounts and special offers, private screenings and members-only events, voting and decision-making input in how the space is developed, and much more! The benefits of membership are as beautiful and diverse as the members themselves. 

Plus, with three levels of giving, becoming a member is not burdensome.  It's a great way to consistently contribute to the building up of community!

Let's build this oasis together!

Sunday Dinner 6-7-20-4.jpg

Are you a resident or property owner within the boundaries of The Urban Oasis? Click here to request registration for special access and discounts!


  • Developer

    Every month
    • - Join The Urban Oasis on exercise walks/runs
    • - Vote in polls that affect how The Urban Oasis is developed
    • - 10% off Urban Oasis merchandise and apparel
  • Friend

    Every month
    • - Unlimited access to fitness classes: Zumba, Yoga, Tai Chi
    • - Early access to RSVP to events
    • - Access to exclusive videos and interviews
    • - And everything in the "Developer" tier!
  • Neighbor

    Every month
    • - "Neighbor"-only event access (ceremonies, films, banquets)
    • - Early entrance to events
    • - Additional discounts for various campaigns
    • - Access to everything in the "Developer" & "Friend" tiers!
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