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No, it's not just a gate. For a child at The Urban Oasis, it's a portal. A safehaven, a refuge, and a retreat. It's a physical reminder that the beautiful things that are unseen can be protected too: joy, peace, hope, compassion. It's a physical reminder that they matter, and that care for their childhood is our reasonable service. What will they find when they walk through? It will not be garbage or drugs, decay or ruin. No, that's not suitable for such precious souls. What will they find? A place prepared for them. A place to match their beauty, their intelligence and their brilliance. A place where they can finally say there is #roomforus


The Alley 

The Transformation of a Space
The Urban Oasis - Outdoor Library.jpg

 - benched seating          - bistro tables

- string lights           - murals

             - planters          - path lights

         - outdoor libraries          - an amazing gate

                                    - brick pavers         - community message board              

- Storytime       - Puppet Shows       -Art exhibits

- Visits from our animal friends! (Partnership with The Maryland Zoo)

- and more!

The Cultivation of a Community

"We've been following The Urban Oasis on social media and just wanted to say that what continues to blossom there is so incredibly inspired and magical! Love the breezeway lighting and new custom gate. It's beautiful to see your vision coming to life. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!"


Landscape Architect

"You all are amazing with making our community look beautiful & peaceful. I am proud to live in this community. Great Job!"




Your donations to The Urban Oasis are helping to transform West Baltimore! Hover over the image of the ally to see the transformation to come! Then, click the donate button, to help the vision grow!

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